Rent a sail or motor boat

At Sailon Event you can rent a sailing boat or motor boat in the Stockholm archipelago, Gryts archipelago, the west coast and the rest of Sweden.

Renting a boat is a nice, flexible and worry-free solution to have a boat. For example, you can choose different exit ports if you want to experience several parts of our coast and archipelago. It is also a convenient way to test different boat types before a future boat purchase. With us you can rent sailboat and motor boat of different sizes, ranging from almost new to slightly older boats in good condition.

About to rent a boat

You may not have the time required to own a boat, but still want to get out on the sea a week or two. Here is a wonderful selection of boats of all sizes and wallets

But because it will be just as wonderful as you hope and think it is important to clarify very clearly both what the boat owner and you as the tenant have for expectations and requirements. If you miss this, there may be misunderstandings.

That is exactly why Sailon Event exists. We do our utmost to ensure that all question marks are rectified and everyone involved should feel secure and experience that it is a win win relationship.

Search a boat to rent

Here you can view a list of all boats to rent

Here you can select boats and check availability.

Here’s how to rent a boat

  • When you find a boat that meets your expectations, check that it is available and send a booking inquiry, the boat will then be pre-booked in the booking calendar.
  • When we have received the booking request, we contact the boat owner and check that the boat is vacant and your knowledge and experience are in accordance with the boat owner’s requirements.
  • When the boat owner has approved the rental, you will receive a confirmation email. Then comes a separate email to pay the booking fee. Once we have received the payment, contract and checklists are sent. The contract is approved electronically so you do not have to print and send paper to each other. Be sure to read through everything carefully so that everything is correct before you approve the contract. In connection with this, the boat is also marked as booked. Good to know also is that the boat owner is responsible for ensuring that the boat is insured for rental.
  • Now you can contact each other. Now you should also pay 30% of the rental amount to the boat owner. Then nothing happens until 14 days before the rental, as the remaining rent for the boat must be paid to the boat owner.
  • When the boat is picked up, the deductible must be deposited to the boat owner.
  • Then the long awaited boat trip follows.
  • When your rental period is over, we would like you to evaluate your experience. It gives us the opportunity to give feedback both what has been good and what may have worked less well. Everything for both us and the boat owner to be even be better.