Rent a boat in Sweden

The Archipelago in Sweden is known as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Renting a boat in Sweden for a week or two is a amazing, unforgettable experience. We provide boats mainly in the Stockholm Archipelago and the west coast and also in the rest of Sweden. With us you can rent a sailboat and motorboat in all sizes, both older boats in good condition almost new. Our boats are mostly privately owned and handle with lots of love. Our boat owners are very careful with their boats and if you want to rent them, you need to be that too. Your also need to have good skills in Navigation and boatman ship.

To find a boat to rent using Map search, Gallery or list

If you know exactly which boat you want to rent and which area you want to sail out from, use the Map search.

If you are not sure which boat to choose we recommended our gallery. In this you get at good picture of the boat and at the same time you can ensuring the availability. If you want more information click on read more to see the boat facts and more prices.

The third option is to search in the traditional way from the list in alphabetical order. There is also a search function which specifies exactly what you want and need.

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This option is for you who haven’t find the boat you are searching for and want us to find it for you

About renting a boat

There is a lot to think about when renting a boat so your expectations will be fulfilled and your boattrip as wonderful as you wish. To avoid misunderstandings it is very important to clarify the expectations from both you as a guest as well as from the boat owner.

We work hard to take away all your question marks, help all involved to feel safe and secure and together create a win win relationship between guest and boat owner.

How it works to rent a boat on

Read more FAQ. If you have any question please let us know.

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