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FAQ regarding boat rental in Sweden

We get questions about what applies when rent or rent out a sail or motorboat in Sweden. This page is continuously updated based on the questions we got. Just click on the question to read the answer.

Does it cost anything to be a member on

When shall the boat be picked up/returned?

Why shall I rent or rent out my boat via Sailon Event?

FAQ about renting a boat

How do I pay the agency fee o Sailon Event?

How does the renting process looks like at Sailon Event?

What type of competence and certificates are required to rent a boat?

FAQ for boat owners

How does the process looks like to rent out a boat via Sailon Event?

Does it cost anything to register and advertise?

How much does it cost to rent out my boat at Sailon Event?

What security equipment do I need to rent out my boat?