(Svenska) Kurs Förarintyg ombord

Driver’s certificate and boat practice, intensive course of 3 days

Do you think it feels a little sad to sit inside a class room and study the driver’s certificate? Then you should keep up our intensive course on board a large and comfortable sailing boat in the Stockholm archipelago. We will go for engine and sail calmly so you need not be experienced sailor.

First we meet a few hours one evening to familiarize ourselves with each other and go through how we spend up the course. We hand out the course material and you get information about what to prepare for and what to take with you. The course is then carried out from Friday morning at 10 am to Sunday afternoon about 16. We keep to around Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago.

The course fee includes teaching fees, life jackets, boat hire and bed linen. Textbooks, exercise charts and food to come. You also need transporter and compasses that can be ordered through us. Fee for examination costs 450 SEK is paid at the time of the test.


The course costs 3950 SEK per person, min 2 max 4 participants per course.

Food will be self-cost price.

Complete course packages (textbook, exercise charts, compasses, conveyor) 595 SEK.

All prices include VAT.

Registration driver’s certificate by boat practice

Not required but good to know for us
Any cell phone number so we can have the SMS contact
Please check so get it right
We try to pick up participants with similar skills
Please note if you want to take the course with someone else

Course content


Charts, symbols and abbreviations, positioning


The compass function, take out courses, to compensate for magnetic declination


Buoyage of grounds and fairways, beacons, fishing gear


Determine position, taking bearings and navigation with help of islands, headlands


Interpret forecast and simple meteorological processes, manage fog

Secure boat

Fire protection, safety equipment, rules for VHF


Everyman’s right, seamanship, mooring, anchoring, knots, towing

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