General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions govern who is responsible for what the boat owner and Sailon Event AB.

To register and advertise a boat for hire on Sailon is free of charge. To register, you need to first become a member, then. After login, our member tabs are accessible and you can register your boat.

As a boat owner, you are responsibilities when register a boat;

  • provide correct information on your boat, what specified have to be completely and function
  • the published photos should be taken on your boat so it gives an accurate picture of what it looks like
  • your contact details are correct so we can reach you
  • be clear about what knowledge you require and what type of guest on your boat you want to have
  • mark the time interval you want to rent out and requested price you want for the different options you have selected (if you are subject to VAT, it has to be included in the price you requested)
  • select the weeks you want to rent, which booked (this can be done only after Sailon have put up a booking calendar for you, which is done when the registration is complete and verified)

When there is a change, you are responsible as a boat owner to immediately:

  • update the information in your profile so that it is always up to date, like phone numbers, address, etc.
  • update the data on your boat
  • notify us at Sailon if you do not want to rent out anymore, so we can remove your boat

When you rent out a boat, the boat owner ia responsible for:

  • disclose and receive your boat in the harbor which is contracted to the guest
  • give clear instructions to the guest skipper, how the boat should be handled. Please use the checklists Sailon developed
  • check that the person you hire has sufficient expertise to sail your boat (read more FAQ)
  • boat is insured for boat rental during the time that you rent out. Different companies have different rules, be sure to check what applies to your insurance company
  • ensure to get the final signature when the boat is completed and ready for delivery
  • when the boat returned, go through and make sure everything is in order and sign that it is clear and return the deposit (if not deposited with Sailon)
  • remember that is you as the boat owners who finally decide who you want to rent to

Sailon is responsible for:

  • help in registering the boat and make the booking calendar accessible
  • take the first contact with the Guest, check the required skills and the boat owner listed requirements for the rental. If the boat owner approves the Guest, Sailon brings together both parties when the agency fee is paid to Sailon
  • Immediately contact the boat owner when the booking is done via E-mail or Mobil phone(to the address registered in your profile)
  • provide checklists to support all steps of the boat rental
  • provide support and advice if you have any problems or have any questions


The boat owner is responsible for providing the boat the weeks which are booked and confirmed. If the boat is not avaiable, the compensation for the extra costs will be charged for the rental of a similar boat to the affected Guest/tenant. Exceptions to this rule is if a boat at the rental damaged and control incompetent and therefore unable to use the next booked rental weeks. The boat owner is then no liability except as set forth in the lease, over the next tenant. Sailon will of course reimburse the agency fee and do our utmost to obtain an equivalent boat!

Sailon can never guarantee that the boat owner to rent out all available weeks

Sailon is not responsible for any damage that a Guest /tenant has caused, this is an insurance issue