About us

Being on the sea is fantastic, the nature, sunshine, mist, rain, calm, gentle breeze or gale. Every time is unique and often magical in its own way. Every sunset has its play of colour and every island has its beauty. There is always something new and unique to discover.

As a boat owner we have an incredible privilege to have access to all of this, we always have sea views wherever we are – can it be better?

Our wish is that more people will be able to take advantage of all this beautifulness – even if you don’t have your own boat, That is why we started Sailon Event in April 2012. Besides we absolutely love to sail and being at sea, we also have a background within IT , Travel management, boat rental and quality assurance. We have brought this knowledge with us when we built the company. When we are buying services ourselves , we want quality. We believe that also our customers will have that. Therefore, we always give a little bit more to those who give us the trust and want to use us as the service provider.

Our vision is to become the best in class to assist boat owners with a safe boat rental and boat guest with a hassle-free cruise.

We also offer different types of charter and events with skipper in the Stockholm area. We suggest that if you want to learn more about archipelago in Sweden, we can provide all types from inspiration trips to team building. Tell us what you want to experience and we will give you an offer. We cannot promise sunshine every day, but hopefully a great experience with colleagues, friends or family to be remembered a long time.

If there are any questions, you have comments or need help – please let use know. We looking forward to meet you soon and will be happy to serve you!

A warm welcome from us at Sailon Event AB!